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October 11, 2017

Digital Smile Design, Khar, Mumbai

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design, Khar, Mumbai

Gone are the days of “one size fits all”. The customer base in every business has become more demanding than ever before. We want all solutions customized to our unique needs. We want to appear trendy and up to date yet want to retain our individuality. Nobody now says: “I wish I looked like that particular model or actor”; rather everybody wants to be the best of who they are. We want to show the world the “Best Version of Real Us”.

Dental Innovation has reached its pinnacle. Doctors have come up with extraordinary technologies like “Digital Smile Design”. This technique was invented to eliminate the bad aftermath of an unsatisfactory cosmetic dentistry treatment. Often the patients are not sure about what particular changes they desire in their denture. Moreover, it is often very difficult to be sure both on the part of the dentist and the customer about whether or not the changes would make the person look more pleasant. But, not anymore, as this technique allows the person who desires the treatment to:

  • Look at Digital Designs of what the changes after the treatment would do to the teeth, cheeks, gums and the smile. So the person now knows exactly how he or she would look like after the treatment.
  • Discard the changes that make one feel uneasy and add on the changes that make one feel on cloud nine. Thus all the person has to do is choose that one perfect smile from a whole range of options.
  • “Try on” that new smile; be sure about the results
  • And Look the “Better You”

All this is done through the following steps:

  • Thorough examination of your facial symmetry, facial aesthetics, dental and facial midline positions, phonetic considerations etc.
  • Photographs both intra oral and extra oral are taken, your emotional expressions are recorded in a video to see the movement of lips, cheek and other facial features as you smile, worry or talk so that the new features after the treatment not just suit your physical appearance but also your emotional personality.
  • Digital Designs are then prepared in the computer for your approval.
  • The approved features are then transferred onto models of teeth using wax. These models can be directly tried on to be sure about your decision.
  • You can take pictures while wearing the model teeth so that you can also discuss with your family and friends.
  • Only after a design has been finalized that best suits your unique personality, is the treatment started.

Digital Designing has truly revolutionized the field of cosmetic dentistry and Sparsh Smiles Mumbai is a pioneer in digital smile design in Khar, Mumbai.

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