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Digital Smile Design


Getting your smile crafted is no more a miracle! Come to us for the perfect smile for all occasions.

DSD seeks to present to the public a new face of dentistry, more humanistic, emotional and artistic; further enhancing our noble profession within our society, because after all there are not many things in life more important than a healthy, natural, confident and beautiful smile!

The DSD concept aims to assist the designing of one’s smile in 3 aspects:

Improve Aesthetic Planning and Smile Design.
Improve communication between specialists involved in the case
Improve communication with the patient, increasing their participation in the design process of their own smile,

Today, having a mouth free of biological and functional problems is not enough! … Patients want beautiful smiles that are integrated with their physical characteristics but also in harmony with their emotional aspects.

why DSD at Sparsh ?

Our state of the art technology and expertise in the field work towards perfecting your smile. Be it by age, accidents or natural gum setting, you may have crooked smiles. At our clinic, we use 3D technology to design the perfect smile according to your facial profile and personality.

Sparsh Digital Smile Designing is state of the art treatment where digitally your future smile and looks are presented to you even before the treatment starts.

This is the most precise way to look the best according to your Personality and facial profile.

It not only gives you more natural and beautiful appearance but also enhances functional efficiency, eventually slowing down the aging process.

  • Focuses on the aesthetics of the smile
  • Conventional method leaves room for error
  • This method helps design and project 3D smile before procedure
  • Approval before procedure guarantees satisfaction post procedure
  • Smile is designed to suit overall personality & Face profile
  • Results in a perfect smile, everyday