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August 1, 2017

Invisalign Treatment in Mumbai

Invisalign Treatment in Mumbai

The people born in the 70s, 80s and 90s will definitely be able to recall atleast one friend from their childhood who used to wear metal braces and the consequent mocking and embarrassment such people had to go through. Some used to call them ‘geeks’ while others thought they weren’t ‘cool enough’ to talk to. Moreover these braces had to be worn for years and they became a part of the identity of the person. Dreadful! Right?

But fortunately, technology has advanced and it has revolutionalised dentistry as well. Wearing a glamorous perfect smile has not just become possible for everyone but you can now have it without going through painful surgeries, long procedures or even the embarrassment of wearing something as noticeable and dreadful as metallic braces.

Invisalign is the technique that does the magic to your teeth. No more do you need to be shy of your misaligned teeth and imperfect denture. This revolutionary technique helps to realign your teeth with virtually invisible braces see through aligners which are custom made for you. These fit snugly over your teeth, can be removed and wore again whenever you want and the best part is that the magic is done in a period as short as 2-4 weeks without even anyone noticing that you went through an actual treatment.

The technique seems to be too good to be true but gladly it actually works. The aligners use the right kind of force at the right place gradually pushing your teeth to the right position over a couple of weeks. A couple of precautions on your  part through the treatment like removing them while taking your meals or while brushing and the expertise and support of a qualified dentist can help you have a perfectly aligned denture in almost a jiffy.

I feel fortunate to have found such a convenient, effective and trendy solution to the metallic braces. 20 years of clinical research and 4 million successful and happy cases of invisalign treatment makes it recommendable to anyone facing the problem of misalignment of the teeth no matter how complex the problem may appear.

So just let the magic slip into your smile with your very own little secret!

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